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Aideen & Glenn

A Simple and Elegant Affair: Perth Marriage Office Registry Style Wedding

In the heart of Perth, Aideen and Glenn celebrated their love in a simple yet elegant Perth registry wedding at the Perth Marriage Office. With just their immediate family as the 12 guests, they opted for an intimate affair before embarking on a journey to the Philippines for a combined honeymoon and Glenn's 40th birthday celebration. The Perth Marriage Office, offering 30-minute packages inclusive of flowers, a photographer, a celebrant, and a charming wedding room, provided the perfect backdrop for this special occasion.

The Intimate Setting

Choosing the Perth Marriage Office for their Perth registry wedding allowed Aideen and Glenn to create an intimate atmosphere surrounded by their closest loved ones. The wedding room, accommodating up to 50 guests, offered a warm and inviting space for the ceremony, highlighting the beauty of simplicity and the importance of sharing such a significant moment with those closest to the heart.

Most couples in Perth don't realise that every one of the 1000 Marriage celebrants in Perth can actually act as their own mobile Perth Marriage Office and marry you wherever and whenever you like, in a simple Perth registry wedding. A registry style wedding in Perth can take as little as 2 minutes, and just needs the couple, the celebrant and 2 witnesses who are above the age of 18 and can speak English fluently. As a wedding celebrant in Perth, I recommend that you allow your celebrant (which may not be possible at one of the Perth Marriage Offices) to personalise your ceremony and let the ceremony take a little longer, so that it can be a true celebration of your relationship.

Tailored Packages for a Perfect Day

The Perth Marriage Office's 30-minute packages were a seamless fit for Aideen and Glenn's vision of a straightforward yet beautiful celebration. With services that included Perth wedding flowers, a talented Perth wedding photographer, and a dedicated Perth marriage celebrant, the couple experienced a hassle-free wedding day. Additionally, the flexibility to bring their own Perth wedding celebrant, Luke Firth Perth Marriage Celebrant, allowed them to infuse personal touches into the ceremony, making it uniquely theirs.

Midday Bliss and Picturesque Moments

A midday Perth ceremony at the Perth Marriage Office provided the ideal timeline for Aideen and Glenn to capture breathtaking wedding photos at the scenic Hyde Park. The photographer, Chantelle Venter, from, expertly captured the essence of their special day in both colour and black and white, creating a stunning collection of memories that will last a lifetime.

A Philippines Adventure

After saying their vows in Perth, Aideen and Glenn jetted off to the Philippines for a dual celebration—a honeymoon and Glenn's 40th birthday. This exotic destination served as the perfect backdrop for the next chapter of their journey, promising unforgettable moments and new adventures to mark this joyous occasion.

Aideen and Glenn's Perth registry wedding at the Perth Marriage Office beautifully showcased the simplicity and elegance of their love. With Hyde Park as the picturesque setting for their midday wedding photoshoot and the promise of a Philippines adventure, their celebration was a perfect blend of intimate moments, stunning captures, and a future filled with exciting new beginnings.


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