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Hi, I'm Luke. I'm here to help turn your dream wedding into a reality. My purpose is to perform a ceremony that is not only memorable but that also exceeds your expectations.

Perth Marriage Celebrant



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Read a little about who I am and why I do what I do, and if you're intrigued or like what you read, then please feel free to contact me for an obligation free catch up or chat to see if I'm the right fit in helping you love birds get hitched.

What makes me tick. Get your crash course in Luke Firth 101.

Everyone always asks why did I want to become a marriage celebrant. Well, I was on a three and a half month holiday island hopping around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe with my wife, and as we were lying on our sun beds sipping cocktails, we were discussing in which direction my working life was headed. I'd gone to university but never used my degree, and I'd spent most of my twenties traveling and working around the world so I was at a bit of a cross roads 'career wise'. My (now) wife asked me the question "What are you passionate about?" and I had replied "I love love". She had laughed, and I said "No, I'm serious. I really love love. I love seeing people in love." She then said "Well there you go. You're a great public speaker, and love is your passion, so become a marriage celebrant". And so I did.


Apart from love, my other passion is travel. I believe travel teaches people not only about other people and cultures, but also a lot about the person you actually are. Having traveled to over 60 countries not only makes my knowledge of honeymoon destinations encyclopedic, it has given me an open minded, empathetic and culturally sensitive approach to life.

What sets me apart from the other registered marriage celebrants out there? I listen and I genuinely care. The only reason I'm doing this job is to make you happy, so I try to move heaven and earth to ensure that your day runs perfectly. I try to make the marriage process as simplified, hassle free, enjoyable and special as humanly possible.