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Krystal & Christopher

On a picturesque autumn day at the Cottesloe Civic Centre, as their marriage celebrant in Perth, I had the pleasure of marrying Krystal and Christopher amidst the enchanting beauty of the Secret Garden. This charming couple, both talented musicians, shared their love story and celebrated their special day surrounded by stunning floral arrangements and serenaded by Perth wedding musicians Dolce Ensembles' live classical music. Join me as we delve into the details of this memorable wedding.

Situated in Cottesloe, Western Australia, the Cottesloe Civic Centre offers numerous wedding locations, each with its own unique charm. The Secret Garden, where Krystal and Christopher exchanged their vows, stands out with its magnificent staircase, serving as a captivating backdrop for the ceremony. Nestled away from the main lawns, this secluded garden exudes intimacy, complemented by ample shade to ensure guests' comfort even on warm days.

One of the most remarkable features as a Perth wedding venue of the Secret Garden is its proximity to the beach. With its breathtaking views and the refreshing ocean breeze, it adds a touch of natural beauty to the entire celebration. Moreover, guests who have some time to spare between the ceremony and the reception can conveniently enjoy a coffee or drink at the nearby establishments just a short walk away.

The talented Perth wedding photographer from Rose and Rhyme Studio, Kirsty Lottering, beautifully documented Krystal and Christopher's wedding day. Her skillful eye and artistic approach allowed her to capture every precious moment, preserving the memories for the couple to cherish for a lifetime. She made sure to take photos of their beloved fur baby Lily who was in attendance, dressed to the nines.

Fleur Societe adorned the Perth wedding venue with stunning floral arrangements, adding an extra touch of elegance and enchantment to the celebration. The carefully selected blooms perfectly complemented the autumnal atmosphere, reflecting Krystal and Christopher's unique vision and style.

As a wedding celebrant, I had the pleasure of working alongside an exceptional team of professionals who contributed to the couple's special day. From the exquisite makeup and hair styling by Narissa Makeup Artist to the stylish furniture provided by Heart Strings Hire & Style and The Dance Floor Co, every detail was meticulously attended to, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Following the ceremony, Krystal and Christopher continued their celebration at Matilda Bay Restaurant, renowned for its stunning waterfront views and impeccable service. The reception venue, Matilda Bay Weddings, provided an elegant and sophisticated setting for guests to enjoy the festivities. Perth wedding DJs Complete DJ kept the dance floor alive, ensuring that the celebration continued into the night.

Krystal and Christopher's wedding at Cottesloe Civic Centre's Secret Garden was a true testament to love, artistry, and meticulous planning. The romantic ambiance, picturesque surroundings, and talented team of professionals brought their dream wedding to life. If you are seeking a magical and intimate setting for your special day, consider the Cottesloe Civic Centre and let the beauty of the Secret Garden create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

Perth wedding Ceremony Venue: @cottesloe-civic-centre

Perth wedding Reception Venue: @matildabayrestaurant @matildabayweddings Perth wedding Celebrant: @lukefirthcelebrant Perth wedding Photography: Kirsty Lottering @‌roseandrhymestudio Perth wedding flowers: @‌fleursociete Perth wedding MUAH: @‌narissamakeupartist Perth wedding Furniture: @heart_strings_hire_n_style @thedancefloorco Perth wedding DJ: @‌complete_dj Perth wedding Dress: @‌dionforbrides Perth wedding Transport: West Coast Limo


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