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Sharlene & Phil

As a Perth marriage celebrant in Western Australia, I've had the privilege of officiating numerous weddings, but Sharlene and Phil's intimate marriage ceremony at the Santini Bar, in the QT Perth Hotel, in September was a true standout. This couple's love story is one for the books, and their wedding day was nothing short of spectacular.

Their extraordinary and stylish celebration, marked by a dark and moody theme and sophisticated urban settings, was filled with a whole lot of laughter.

Urban Elegance: The Setting

Sharlene and Phil's choice of ceremony venue set the stage for an urban fairytale. The Santini Bar at the QT Perth Hotel wedding ceremony provided a backdrop that seamlessly blended sophistication with a moody ambiance. The dark and moody theme they embraced added a touch of mystery and allure to their special day.

Musical Magic: String Quartet Serenade

To set the mood for their intimate ceremony, a string quartet played beautiful melodies that resonated with the couple's refined taste. The music added a layer of elegance and emotion, creating a serene atmosphere that perfectly matched the urban setting.

Capturing Memories: Annelize Barron Photography

Annelize Barron, the talented Perth wedding photographer chosen by Sharlene and Phil, masterfully captured the essence of their love and the beauty of the day. With her keen eye for detail, she immortalized the moments of joy, laughter, and love that defined this remarkable wedding.

Meticulous Planning: Dee for Design

Dee for Design, the Perth wedding planners entrusted with creating Sharlene and Phil's dream wedding, paid meticulous attention to every detail. From the dark and moody decor to the exquisite florals that adorned both Perth wedding venues, their planning expertise ensured that everything was executed flawlessly.

The Finer Things: Champagne and Oysters

The couple's commitment to sophistication and style extended to their choice of refreshments. Guests were treated to the finest champagne and oysters, reflecting Sharlene and Phil's taste for the finer things in life.

Reception Delights: Vin & Flower in Northbridge

Following the heartwarming Perth city marriage ceremony, the celebration continued at Vin & Flower in Northbridge. The urban charm of this inner-city venue perfectly complemented the couple's sophisticated tastes. The live band, champagne, and oysters continued to flow, making for an unforgettable reception.

Laughter and Love: Sharlene and Phil's Bond

Throughout the ceremony, Sharlene and Phil shared moments of laughter, perfectly encapsulating the joy they bring to each other's lives. Sharlene, described as a "breath of fresh air," radiates happiness, and her infectious laughter resonates with everyone around her, especially with Phil, her loving partner.

Wedding Highlights:

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  • Champagne and oysters at the wedding

  • Laughter-filled wedding ceremony

  • Sharlene and Phil's love story

Sharlene and Phil's urban wedding in Perth was a celebration of love and laughter in the most stylish and sophisticated way. From the dark and moody ambiance to the string quartet serenades and the laughter that filled the ceremony, this wedding was an unforgettable experience. As a Perth marriage celebrant, it was an honor to officiate this remarkable celebration of love and joy.


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