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What's included.

To make things easy for couples, I don't do different packages.


My fee is all inclusive, covering everything a celebrant can do leading up to the wedding, as well as officiating the ceremony.

There are no limits to couple interactions, every couple is different, some need to meet a lot, some don't.

All this for 1675 (including GST).

It is a 295 deposit, with the remainder due 2 weeks before the wedding.

For registry style, weekday, non-personalised, or earlier ceremonies, the price may be less.

Obviously travel outside the Perth metro area will incur extra fees.

After 900 weddings, asking for feedback after each one from the couple and all their other wedding vendors and suppliers, I'm extremely confident that my experience will make your experience.

What do I do? I make getting married as easy and stress free as possible for you.


Sure, I create an engaging ceremony that draws the crowd into the celebration of your relationship, I handle all the legal paperwork, and I bring along my state of the art PA system to handle all the audio, but most importantly, I make you feel relaxed and comfortable knowing that I will take care of everything, no matter how stressed or nervous you get.

Normally you can't put a price on love, but in this case you have to make an exception.

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