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Emily & Steve

A beautiful ceremony at Swan Valley wedding venue Sandalford Wines on the Merlot Lawn. It was 32 degrees on the first Friday of March. And it was simply gorgeous. They put six umbrellas out to help keep the shade for the couple's guests. There had been a storm the evening before, so as well as very hot in the sun, so it was also quite humid. 

They had a live singer from Perth wedding musicians Champagne Agency, which gave a great personal touch. The couple allowed me to personalize their ceremony, so I touched on how they met and their first date at City Beach, and then how Steve proposed just near there. They also exchanged beautiful vows that made each other laugh and a few tears. Their mums were chosen as the witnesses.

They had four attendants on each side for the bridal party. And then they followed it up with a gelato cart, which was delicious. Their Down South wedding photographer who made the trip up to Perth was Emma McCauley, and Perth wedding florist Wildwood Floral gave some beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements. There was no arbor but two floral arrangements at the front. That was beautiful. And some wine barrels around. They had the Estate Room for the reception which was set out beautifully.

It was very windy so the bride had to change sides but we talked about that beforehand, so she was aware and that way her veil and her hair wouldn't get blown everywhere, as well as the bridesmaids because all their hair was down.

Even though the bride thought she'd be on time, the car was still about seven minutes late, traffic on a Friday afternoon can be quite horrendous. It is always advisable to try to get to the ceremony early so you are relaxed and can start whenever you like.

Being a marriage celebrant in Perth, I feel so lucky being able to marry couples like this, where their love is so evident. Lucky me!


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