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Mingi & Jason

When it comes to dream weddings in Perth, every detail matters – the perfect Perth wedding venue, the talented Perth wedding photographer, the Swan Valley marriage celebrant who adds the magic, and the DJ who sets the mood. Mingi and Jason's wedding at Riverbank Estate in Caversham, just 20 minutes from Perth city, embodied this perfection on a sunny January day.

Perth Wedding Celebrant Extraordinaire

As a Perth wedding celebrant, I had the privilege of uniting Mingi and Jason in matrimony at the exquisite Riverbank Estate. The ceremony was filled with laughter and smiles, mirroring the couple's joyous love story.

Captured by a Perth Wedding Photographer

The memories of their beautiful day were masterfully captured by none other than the talented Perth wedding photographer, Kenneth Lim. His lens skillfully immortalized each moment, ensuring that Mingi and Jason's love story would be cherished forever.

A Perfect Perth Wedding Venue

Riverbank Estate, nestled in the Swan Valley, is the epitome of a perfect Perth wedding venue. With its breathtaking views and serene ambiance, it provided the ideal backdrop for this summer wedding. Guests marveled at the natural beauty that surrounded them as they celebrated the love between Mingi and Jason.

The Beat of the Night: Perth Wedding DJ

As the sun set over the Swan Valley, the festivities continued into the night. The role of a Perth wedding DJ is not to be underestimated, and this celebration was no exception. DJ Kate Bawden set the mood, ensuring that the dance floor was alive with energy and excitement.

A Love Story that Began in Perth

Mingi and Jason's love story began right here in Perth. Their paths crossed during a summer getaway with mutual friends to Dunsborough. Despite being the last ones standing after a night of revelry, they couldn't have been happier to have found each other.

The debate over who made the first move remains a delightful point of contention, but one thing is clear – their unique connection blossomed that night and continues to thrive.

A Proposal in South Korea: A Touch of Magic

Jason's proposal in South Korea added another chapter to their love story. In a field illuminated by LED roses, with temperatures dropping to a chilly negative 10 degrees, he asked the most important question of his life. Their month-long holiday in Japan and Korea culminated in this unforgettable moment.

Love often finds its way to the most unexpected places, and in the case of Mingi and Jason, it found its home in Perth, amidst the scenic beauty of Riverbank Estate.

Their wedding day was a testament to the power of love, and the professionals who helped make it perfect – the celebrant, the photographer, the venue, and the DJ. In the heart of Perth, their dream wedding became a reality, and their journey together continues to be filled with laughter, smiles, and everlasting love.

Perth wedding vendors:

Perth wedding DJ Kate Bawden from South Sound Events Perth wedding photographer Kenneth Lim Photographer Perth marriage celebrant Luke Firth

Perth wedding venue Riverbank Estate


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